Practice Enhancement- Get Ready to LOVE Your Practice!

Do You Want to

  • LOVE going to “work”
  • Make the money you desire
  • Have a healthy life balance
  • Feel valued every day for the services you offer

You may need support along the way.  My goal is to help YOU get clarity around what you really want, what the obstacles are, the BEST action steps to get you where you wish to go, and provide support as needed along your journey.  There are many coaching styles and you need to find a coach you connect with and a style that works for you.  To me a coach or mentor is like your GPS.  I’ll help you make decisions about where you want to end up by listening to your values, goals and desires.  I’ll provide you information about different options, advantages, and disadvantages.  Then, YOU pick where you want to go and I guide you to the fastest route.  If you get off track or take a detour, I don’t judge, I just re-route and offer options to get you back on track.  This way you get to your goal and still enjoy the journey!

Like Your GPS, I Offer 3 Levels of Support:

  • Top Tier Support Every Step of the Way– This is the fastest track to achieving YOUR level of Success!  Includes Clarity, Planning, Action Steps, Accountability, and Support!
  • A La Carte Coaching– Get help at key turning points to get you through a tough patch, past a revenue plateau, switch from insurance to cash, or make a change in your practice or in your life.
  • Do It Yourself– Access to videos, forms, and live seminars to help you achieve the type of success you desire.  You can still get support if you want it 😉

Free Consultations are available to be sure we are a good fit and to discover which level of support is right for you!  We will take time to understand your goals, concerns, and dreams.  From there, I will customize each session to maximize your time & money!  Let’s design YOUR pathway to success, and achieve the goals you have for your patients, for your practice, & for yourself!

Contact me NOW to schedule your FREE consultation and get ready to LOVE your life!

Top Tier Support Every Step of the Way

Feeling burned out, not making the income you hoped for, or just starting out and really want to sky rocket to YOUR level of Success? Looking to actually LOVE going to work every day?!  This monthly support option gets you everything!!  To get started with Top Tier Support Click Here!

With the Top Tier Coaching you get

  • Clarity, to Identify Exactly Where You Want to Go
  • Action Steps to Get You There
  • The REAL Nut’s & Bolts to Reach YOUR Goals
  • Support & Accountability EVERY Step of the Way with Weekly One-on-One Meetings
  • Scripts, Business Systems, and Support to Enhance the Patients Experience in Your Practice
  • The Keys to the Kingdom of YOUR Success!
  • And if That Wasn’t Enough… ALL Access to the Do It Yourself Tools, Videos, PDF’s, & Live Webinars!!

Not sure what you need to LOVE your practice again?  Let’s start with a one-on-one consultation to understand what’s missing and what your dream practice would be like.  Then I will design the BEST route to re-ignite your LOVE for chiropractic and create YOUR level of success in practice!  We’ll look at where your current practice is and where you’d like it to be. Then we re-design your current practice step by step so it becomes the practice of your dreams! Get rid of the stuff you do not enjoy, love each patient on your schedule, make the money you desire, and TRULY look forward to practicing chiropractic every day!  Top Tier Coaching is completely customize-able to your needs, the needs of your practice.  It includes help with marketing, patient education, adjusting, patient care, clinical questions, business systems design, office flow, staff training and hiring…  Everything but the kitchen sink.

The weekly meetings (in-person, on phone or via Face-Time) are available to suit your schedule.  In each meeting we discuss your concerns and put action steps in place to address those concerns, as well as accountability of previous action steps.   Additional time can be scheduled as needed so you can achieve your goals!  ($1000/month (First month can include an ONSITE consultation if you choose (travel exp may apply).  A 3 month commitment is required so we can create sustainability for the changes in your practice. Most docs work with me for 8-12 months because of the value they get form this powerful coaching system.  NO CONTRACT just give 30 days notice once you have reached the practice level you desire then you can access the A La Carte Coaching as needed for maintenance.  🙂  To get started with Top Tier Support Click Here!

A La Carte Support & Coaching

Chiropractic Circle is Open Forum, Peer Facilitated Coaching & Support for Practicing Docs

Do you want to stay excited about practice? Would you like help from successful entrepreneurs like yourself? Meet monthly with a small, select group of other successful chiropractors to share ideas and work together to solve practice and life issues. Facilitated Peer Coaching is a powerful way to get many different points of view all designed to support you and your ability to best treat your patients. Get great clinical advice, new ways to look at business, ongoing support from your colleagues and enjoy a new level of professional success!!  The first month is free and you get an hour of coaching with Dr. Michelle free as part of your 2nd month! (just $199/month The group meets monthly in person or via FaceTime).  NO CONTRACTS just give 30 days notice. Click Here to Get Started!

Learn more here.

Student Chiropractic Circle is Open Forum, Coaching & Support for Students & New DC’s (less than 2 years in practice)

Get clear on what type of practice you want and HOW to get there while you are still in school!  Forms?  Insurance or Cash? Practice Flow? Marketing?  These monthly meetings are designed to get you READY to BE the BEST doctor you can be RIGHT OUT of SCHOOL!  On-going support from chiropractic mentors, exchange of practice building ideas, business plans and step by step How To’s!  Get what you NEED to create a successful practice from day one!  This is a great, low cost tool for accountability and support as you create and build the practice of your dreams!!  Student pricing is good while in school & for 24 months post-graduation to be sure you GET the support you need to succeed.  (just $79/month The group meets monthly in person or via FaceTime) NO CONTRACTS just give 30 days notice.  To get started with Chiropractic Circle for Students, Click Here!

Get Paid What You Are Worth at Time of Service!

Transition from Insurance to a Cash Based Practice– Want to have more cash flow and fewer calls to insurance companies? Want to stop paying a billing service to chase the money you have ALREADY earned?  Want to stop getting reduced rate payments when you have done high value work?

This step by step program will help you transition from taking insurance to being a pay at time of service or cash practice while INCREASING your revenue! This consultation sets you up for success, so your revenue won’t dip during the transition and your patient retention will go UP not down.  To Get Started with YOUR Insurance to Cash Transition Click Here!

With Insurance to Cash Transition You Get

  • 2 hour transition training on the phone or in your office for you and your staff to set up the switch and address all your questions
  • Step by step guidance to set up the transition for success
  • Customizable Superbills to give your patients at each visit
  • Patient notifications- so your patients are ready for the transition with you
  • Lots of patient education around the transition so they stay and support you!
  • Ongoing support as you actually transition

Patient education is KEY in creating VALUE for the services you offer and will increase patient retention during and well after the transition. The keys to the success of this transition are value you convey for your services, pricing your services appropriately, and easing your patients, and your staff, into the new cash model. If you have staff, including them is PRICELESS. $999 includes staff training so they are on the same page with you!  Can be done over FaceTime or in person (plus travel expenses)). Follow up questions included after consultation as you transition to the cash practice of your dreams!

BREAK Through a Revenue Plateau or Get Support Through a Practice or Life Change?

A La Cart Coaching is one-on-one and focused on whatever you need the most.  Great if you just need a little assistance to get past a bump in the road or have a specific subject you want help with.  A La Carte Coaching is designed to keep you on track in practice and in life!  I am here to provide assistance, direction, and support as needed.  We can work together as much or as little as you need to create the sustainable practice full of patients you love and the life balance you deserve. Have a big decision to make in practice?  This is a great way to discuss any practice issue, enhance your patient education, or just check in to see that you are on the right path. ($550/1.5 hr first time meetings, $385/hr after we have worked together in any capacity. Can be done over Face-Time or in person (plus travel expenses)).  To Set Up YOUR One-on-One A La Cart Coaching Click Here!

Onsite Practice Enhancement

In Office Consultation– Does your office send the right messages to your patients? Do your patient education products showcase everything that you offer and how awesome you and your services are?  Do you want more referrals or could your current patients to utilize more of what you offer?  If you share an office space with other practitioners are YOU standing out?  Do your patients refer 10-20 new people to your office each week? This is a detailed on-sight, consultation where we look at your office from the patients’ point of view including: patient education, office presentation (supplement displays and waiting room), practice flow, customer service, business systems, and more!  To Set Up YOUR On-site Practice Enhancement Click Here!

You will get:

  • 2+ hour in office evaluation and action steps including
    • Presentation of your waiting room to increase referrals and retention
    • Supplement displays to increase sales
    • Evaluation of office flow to maximize time and space
    • Action steps to enhance the patient experience in your office
    • Fee and cost analysis with suggestions to increase overall profit
    • Accountability and support as you implement the changes (for up to 60 days)

All you need to increase daily revenue starting at $999 (plus applicable travel expenses).  Cost includes follow up as you transform your office.  To Set Up YOUR On-site Practice Enhancement Click Here!

Depending on the depth of change you are looking for we can combine different products to customize an onsite visit that suits all your needs.  Doctors often combine Patient Education Enhancement or Switch from Insurance to Cash Practice with the Onsite Practice Enhancement!  This is especially useful if you are out of state & want to get the most out of your practice enhancement meeting.  Let’s start with a FREE consultation to see what suits your practice BEST!

LIVE Seminars

I offer a variety of live seminars all over the world.  Some of the topics I cover include:

Create a Successful Practice Right Out of School- Everything You Need to Hit the Ground Running in One Awesome Evening

How to Build a Cash Practice or Transition from Insurance to Cash While Increasing Patient Retention & Revenue!

Business Systems Designed to Increase Retention, Referrals, & Revenue

Staff Training for an Enhanced Patient Experience (Kick Ass Customer Service)

Speak Patient Not Doctor- How to Increase Patient Retention & Referrals Through Effective Patient Education

Get Immediate Results! Spine & Extremity Adjusting Combined with Specific Patient Education to Increase Referrals & Retention

Rehabilitation & Soft Tissue Techniques -Get Your Patients Better Faster & Help Them Stay Better Longer!

Want a seminar to come to you? Email me for options!

See our Events page for a list of upcoming events and seminars!

Email me for a free consultation on how we can work together to enhance or re-design the practice of your dreams!


Do It Yourself (Coming Soon!!)

I understand that many chiropractors prefer to do things on their own and ask for help only when necessary.  In support of “Do It Yourselfers” everywhere I have created many tools you can access to help guide you so you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.”  These tools are available in pieces or as a membership for unlimited access.  Memberships include Chiropractic Circle Forum so you can get your questions answered (when necessary ;).

For Access to the Do It Yourself Support Click Here

The tools include:

  • Videos on
    • Hit the Ground Running- Set Up and Jump Start Your New Practice
    • Business Systems
    • Adjusting and Treatment Tools
    • Patient Education
    • Staff Training
    • Switching from Insurance to Cash
    • Practice Enhancement to Increase Retention, Referrals, and Revenue
    • New Videos are Created Regularly (email me with suggestions)
  • Customizable Forms
    • Superbills
    • Patient Education
    • Associate Contracts
    • Independent Contractor Contracts
    • Notes and Physical Exam Forms
    • Office Scripts to Provide the BEST Customer Service

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