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With A La Carte Coaching you can get help through a specific change you wish to make in your practice.  It is often helpful to have an expert guide you through the many changes your practice goes through so you don’t have to “re-invent the wheel.”  Having an experienced guide lowers stress, reduces costs, and get you to your goals faster! 

Some things I can help you with are:

  • Understand your numbers; income, expenses, costs per patient, how to keep more income each month!
  • Switching from an insurance based practice to a cash practice while growing your revenues!
  • Hiring a new DC, office staff, or adding an independent contractor to your practice.
  • Adding a new modality or technique to your practice and making it profitable!
  • Increasing supplement sales or growing new or additional service sales.
  • Learn new treatment tools and improve your patient education at one of our seminars (live or online).

Curious about what A La Carte Coaching can do for you or not sure which coaching option is best for your practice?  Click here for a FREE consultation and let’s explore the possibilities together!

Get Paid What You Are Worth at Time of Service!

Transition from an insurance Based Model to a Cash Practice– Want to have more cash flow and fewer calls to insurance companies? Want to stop paying a billing service to chase the money you have ALREADY earned?  Want to stop getting reduced rate payments when you have done high value work?

This step by step program will help you transition from taking insurance to being a pay at time of service or cash practice while INCREASING your revenue! This consultation sets you up for success, so your revenue won’t dip during the transition and your patient retention will go UP not down.  To Get Started with YOUR Insurance to Cash Transition Click Here!

With Insurance to Cash Transition You Get

  • 3 months of coaching to  grow the cash side of your practice to make insurance income optional
  • Step by step guidance to set up the transition for success
  • Run the numbers; lower overhead and increase income BEFORE the transition
  • Customizable Superbills to give your patients at each visit for their reimbursement
  • Patient notifications- so your patients are ready for the transition with you
  • Lots of patient education around the transition so they stay and support you!
  • Key verbiage for you and your staff around the change so your patient will stay and support the change!
  • Ongoing support as you actually transition

Patient education is KEY in creating VALUE for the services you offer and will increase patient retention during and well after the transition. The keys to the success of this transition are value you convey for your services, pricing your services appropriately, and easing your patients, and your staff, into the new pay at time of service model. If you have staff, including them is PRICELESS. The Basic Insurance to Cash Switch is just $5000 including the Practice Wellness Check and staff training so they are on the same page with you!  Can be done over FaceTime or in person (plus travel expenses)). Follow up questions included after consultation as you transition to the cash practice of your dreams!  We also offer a Top Tier Insurance to Cash Transition which is designed to increase your practice revenue before, during, and continuing well after your transition.  Click here for a FREE consultation to explore the possibility of being an ALL CASH, high revenue, practice!

BREAK Through a Revenue Plateau or Get Support Through a Practice or Life Change?

A La Cart Coaching is one-on-one and focused on whatever you need the most.  Great if you just need a little assistance to get past a bump in the road or have a specific subject you want help with.  A La Carte Coaching is designed to keep you on track in practice and in life!  I am here to provide assistance, direction, and support as needed.  We can work together as much or as little as you need to create the sustainable practice full of patients you love and the life balance you deserve. Have a big decision to make in practice?  This is a great way to discuss any practice issue, enhance your patient education, or just check in to see that you are on the right path. ($699 for the first hour and $625/hr after we have worked together in any capacity. Can be done over Face-Time or in person (plus travel expenses)).

Ever just want someone to bounce ideas off and provide support on practice questions, patient care, marketing ideas and more?  Schedule monthly calls for $599/mo! (requires 30 days notice to cancel)

To Set Up YOUR One-on-One A La Cart Coaching Click Here!

Curious about where to start or what having a great coach in your corner can do for you and your practice?  Click here to request a FREE consultation Let’s explore the possibilities together!

Onsite Practice Enhancement

In Office Consultation– This is a great way to increase revenue in multiple areas of your practice!  Do you offer Kick A$$ Customer Service in your office?  Does your office send the right messages to your patients? Do your patient education products showcase everything that you offer and how awesome you and your services really are?  Do you want more referrals or could your current patients to utilize more of what you offer?  If you share an office space with other practitioners are YOU standing out?  Do your patients refer lots of new people to your office each week? This is a detailed on-sight, consultation where we look at your office from the patients’ point of view including: patient education, office presentation (supplement displays and waiting room), practice flow, customer service, business systems, and more!  To Set Up YOUR On-site Practice Enhancement Click Here!

You will get:

  • 2+ hours (up to a full day) in office evaluation and action steps including
    • Presentation of your waiting room to increase referrals and retention
    • Supplement displays to increase sales
    • Evaluation of office flow to maximize time and space
    • Action steps to enhance the patient experience in your office
    • Income and expenses analysis with suggestions to increase overall profit (keep more $$)
    • A brief evaluation of your business systems and office flow and action steps to maximize your office efficiency
    • Accountability and support as you implement the changes (for up to 90 days)

Everything you need to increase daily revenue starting at $6000 (plus applicable travel expenses).  Cost includes 90 days of follow up as you transform your office.  Typical office increases revenue 10-20%!!   To Set Up YOUR On-site Practice Enhancement Click Here!

Depending on the depth of change you are looking for we can combine different products to customize an onsite visit that suits all your needs.  Doctors often combine Patient Education Enhancement or Switch from Insurance to Cash Practice with the Onsite Practice Enhancement!  This is especially useful if you are out of state & want to get the most out of your practice enhancement coaching.  Let’s start with a FREE consultation to see what suits your practice BEST!

LIVE Seminars

I offer a variety of live seminars all over the world.  Some of the topics I cover include:


Chiropractic Retreats- Combining Hands-On Adjusting, Business Systems, Colleague Connections, AND a Well Deserved Vacation!

Rehabilitation & Soft Tissue Techniques -Get Your Patients Better Faster & Help Them Stay Better Longer!

Get Immediate Results! Awesome Adjusting Tools for the Spine & Extremities Combined with Specific Patient Education to Increase Referrals & Retention

Create a Successful Practice Right Out of School- Everything You Need to Hit the Ground Running in One Awesome Evening

How to Build a Cash Practice or Transition from Insurance to Cash While Increasing Patient Retention & Revenue!

Business Systems Designed to Increase Retention, Referrals, & Revenue

Staff Training for an Enhanced Patient Experience (Kick Ass Customer Service)

Speak Patient Not Doctor- How to Increase Patient Retention & Referrals Through Effective Patient Education

Want a seminar to come to you? Email me for options!

See our Events page for a list of upcoming events and seminars!

Email me for a free consultation on how we can work together to enhance or re-design the practice of your dreams!

Curious what coaching with BTB can do for you, your practice, and your life?

Curious what coaching with BTB can do for you, your practice, and your life?

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