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I understand that many chiropractors prefer to do things on their own and ask for help only when necessary.  In support of “Do It Yourselfers” everywhere I have created many tools you can access to help guide you so you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.”  These tools are available on my Patreon website in different tiers for different levels of help and support.  You can get simple tips for as little as $10/month or unlimited access including live events for $69/month.  All memberships include Q &A via email and higher tiers give you access to LIVE webinars, as well as access to the Chiropractic Circle Forums so you can get your questions answered (when necessary ;).

To view and purchase the Do It Yourself Tools Click Here

The tools include:

  • Videos on
    • Hit the Ground Running- Set Up and Jump Start Your New Practice
    • Business Systems
    • Switching from Insurance to Cash
    • Increasing Income and Sales
    • Lowering Your Overhead to Keep More of What You Earn
    • Creating Value for Your Services
    • Adjusting and Treatment Tools
    • Patient Education
    • Staff Training
    • Hiring and Set Up for the Associate You Desire
    • Practice Enhancement to Increase Retention, Referrals, and Revenue
    • New Videos are Created Regularly (email me with suggestions)
  • Customizable Forms
    • Superbills
    • Patient Education
    • Associate Contracts
    • Independent Contractor Contracts
    • Notes and Physical Exam Forms
    • Exercise Sheets
    • Office Scripts to Provide the BEST Customer Service
Curious what coaching with BTB can do for you, your practice, and your life?

Curious what coaching with BTB can do for you, your practice, and your life?

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