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Feeling burned out, not making the income you hoped for, or just starting out and really want to sky rocket to YOUR level of Success? Looking to actually LOVE going to work every day?!  This monthly support option gets you everything!!  To get started with Top Tier Support Click Here!

With the Top Tier Coaching you get

  • Clarity, to Identify Exactly Where You Want to Go
  • Action Steps to Get You There
  • The REAL Nut’s & Bolts to Reach YOUR Goals
  • Support & Accountability EVERY Step of the Way with Weekly One-on-One Meetings
  • Additional Training for Your Team Members When Needed
  • Scripts, Business Systems, and Support to Enhance the Patients Experience in Your Practice
  • The Keys to the Kingdom of YOUR Success!
  • ALL calls are recorded for you to reference later

Not sure what you need to LOVE your practice again?  Let’s start with a one-on-one consultation to understand what’s missing and what your dream practice would be like. Then we can do a Practice Wellness Check to see where you ARE with numbers, systems, and how you feel in practice.  We’ll look at where your current practice is and where you’d like it to be. From that I will design the BEST route to re-ignite your LOVE for chiropractic and create YOUR level of success in practice!  Then we re-design your current practice step by step so it becomes the practice of your dreams! Get rid of the stuff you do not enjoy, love each patient on your schedule, make the money you desire, and TRULY look forward to practicing chiropractic every day!  Top Tier Coaching is completely customize-able to your needs, the needs of your practice.  It includes help with marketing, patient education, adjusting, patient care, clinical questions, business systems design, office flow, staff training and hiring…  Everything but the kitchen sink.

We schedule meetings (in-person, on phone or via Face-Time) to suit your schedule and your practice needs.  In each meeting we discuss your concerns and put action steps in place to address those concerns, as well as accountability of previous action steps.   Additional time can be scheduled as needed so you can achieve your goals!  Top Tier Coaching starts at $1000/month and a 3 month commitment is recommended so we can create sustainability for the changes in your practice. Most docs work with me for 8-12 months because of the value they get form this powerful coaching system.  NO CONTRACT just give 30 days notice once you have reached the practice level you desire then you can access the A La Carte Coaching as needed for maintenance.  

To get started with Top Tier Support Click Here!

Curious about what Top Tier Coaching could do for you and your practice?  Click Here for a FREE consultation and let’s explore the possibilities!

Curious what coaching with BTB can do for you, your practice, and your life?

Curious what coaching with BTB can do for you, your practice, and your life?

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