Awesome Spine & Extremities Adjusting with Loads of Patient Education (8 hours of CE’s) Lower Body Focus – October 10th 2020


Some focused areas include:

  • 3 cores of the body- get them stable!
  • Feet assessments and adjustments for pain free movement including bunion reduction, plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma treatment.
  • Knee adjustment that immediately reduced patient pain and increases ROM.
  • Pelvic and hip adjustments and rehabilitation to address sciatic and bursa pain.
  • Adjustments to help reduce menstrual cramping and increase fertility.  l
  • Core activation that immediately changes lower back pain and sets your patients up to be invincible!
  • Lumbar spine adjustments in extension and flexion to address different patient presentations.

Each seminar is designed to ENHANCE your current practice so the subjects covered may vary based on your questions so bring your tough cases!!

If you have areas you’d like covered feel free to email Dr. Michelle Wendling DC ahead of time at

Space is limited to 20 docs so that YOU get individual attention to maximize your learning experience, so RSVP early

Register NOW for Awesome Adjusting Tools 8 hour seminar!


Be the BEST Chiropractor YOU can be!

The more tools you have in your tool box the better for your patients, your pocketbook, and your piece of mind!!

Come enjoy 8 hours of hands on adjusting, along with the rehab to support your awesome adjustments!  You will experience a new perspective on chiropractic care that you can apply Monday morning and help your patients get and STAY better longer!  This seminar is FULL of effective patent education and LOTS of hands on fun!!  The entire seminar has TONS of ways to increase retention, referrals, and revenue!

Dr. Michelle Wendling DC brings you a deeper understanding of the bio-mechanics of the lower body, including improving adjusting skills, awareness of when and where to adjust, muscle joint relationships, posture component, muscle balance and how these relate to symptom presentation.

Details about this seminar can be found at 

The seminar in on August 8th, and will cover

  • Basic anatomy for each area
  • Correctable postural distortions
  • Complete assessment and a variety of adjustments for each area
  • Easy homework exercises so your patients GET & STAY better
  • Valuable patent education to help them understand how your care helps them

During the lunch we will have an optional round table discussion to answer any practice questions you may have.  It is a gift to have other successful professionals in the room to bounce idea off and create solutions to common practice issues.  The world is a better place when we all help each other be as successful as we can with our patient care and our practices!

By limiting the seminar to just 20 docs Dr. Michelle ensures you will get the hands on practice and “play” time you want!


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