Practice Wellness Check


Practice Wellness Check

See where you are now so you can find a path to reach your practice goals!


The Practice Wellness Check is just that- an overall view of what is working and what’s not working in your practice.  We start by familiarizing you with your practice numbers.  We will look at income, expenses and be sure you are not leaving money on the table in your practice.   We will look at office flow, patient retention, patient education, marketing, business systems, and staff.

THEN the real fun begins!  Included is a follow up call where I work with you to create actual action steps for you to take to make your practice what you want it to be!

  • You will understand your numbers and know how to look at them when making business decisions (hiring, new equipment, raising prices…)
  • Get actual action steps to improve your practice
  • Learn ways to consistently cut expenses & increase your revenue
  • Have more life balance and LOVE your practice more

All this and a follow up consultation as you implement the changes is just $599!


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