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As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration.  Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own.  Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life!- Amy Poehler

Chiropractic Circle is a Facilitated Peer Discussion Group where we all support your growth and enhance YOUR ideas! We meet once a month to have an exchange of ideas and address any issues or concerns you may have in your practice or in life so you can live YOUR BIG DREAM!  Each Chiropractic Circle consists of 10-12 other successful professionals, like yourself, in a room (via zoom online) all working together to support you!  Each meeting starts with a short informational discussion designed to increase retention, patient referrals, and revenue in your office and give you more joy in your life!  Then we take turns, diving into each Doc’s current concerns and effectively work together to really understand those concerns and provide possible solutions and action steps.  Each month we review our past months successes and support each other in our next steps.  Chiropractic Circle provides ongoing support for you in practice and in life!

Peer discussion is so powerful because you get multiple points of view from professionals who have already had experience with those issues and you’ll be surprised at how often the issues brought up by fellow Circle members are also ones that you want help with as well.  Optometrists and Dentists continue to use peer circles as their preferred form of coaching and practice enhancement.  Chiropractors have been asking for the same thing- so here it is, check it out and watch your life and practice transform!  JOIN Chiropractic Circle now and you will also get access to all the Practice Enhancement Videos, Tools and many LIVE events!

We are all great chiropractors, and we can be even better when we stand together! Let’s Work together so we can be the BEST Chiropractors we can possibly be!

Why Should You Join Chiropractic Circle?

For your patients- Access to many more years of experience is PRICELESS in providing the BEST patient care!  This group is here to help you improve your patient care and expand your way of treating through new treatment protocols, different clinical assessments, and outside the box thinking.

For your practice- Every meeting starts with Practice Gems designed for growth and maximizing revenue.  Each month we will discuss different topics from Business Systems that will improve the flow & function of your office, effective patient education to increase referrals and retention, and ways to enhance the over all patient experience of Your CURRENT Practice.

For YOURSELF- Take the stress out of being in practice!! The ongoing support from your Chiropractic Circle is the BEST thing for you and your practice!  Each discussion is designed to create the SUSTAINABLE practice of your dreams! This way you can spend more time focused on patient care and daily patient education and watch your income increase and your life balance return!!

A Word from Dr. Michelle

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Get access to several videos from the Be The Best Chiropractor series free with your email address and get ready to watch your practice transform!  Many more videos, webinars and LIVE events are included when you join Chiropractic Circle.  Join us today and leverage the wisdom of successful chiropractors like you!

What Doctors are Saying…

“Dr. Michelle is an incredible coach.  She helped me build the practice of MY dreams.  Rather than try to change my vision she showed me tools that helped me succeed at my current practice and I have used these tools in both practices that I have opened!”

– Dr. C. Baird

“Dr. Michelle’s mentor program was the best thing I could do as a new doctor.  I graduated with tons of diagnostic knowledge and new skills to help patients get better, but I lacked the business skills to get people in door and keep them in the door.  Dr. Michelle worked with me to improve my communication in and outside my office to help better educate patients and potential patients to understand the importance of treatments. With Dr. Michelle’s mentoring I now have a very successful, referral based, cash practice.”
– Dr. R. Dunn

Chiropractic Circle
$249 / Month
Peer Facilitated Group Coaching
Leverage the wisdom of your colleagues to solve any practice issue & grow your practice!
Monthly collaboration & idea exchange with other successful chiropractors like yourself!
Your own peer support system of diverse business owners who face similar challenges every day!
Enhance the business systems, patient education, and patient experience of your current practice!
Detailed ways to increase your revenue EVERY month!
Free monthly coaching call with Dr Michelle!
Join us today and watch your practice transform!
Chiropractic Circle for Students & New Graduates
$49 / Month
Be the BEST Chiropractor you can be RIGHT out of school! (Monthly Group Mentoring)
Live monthly meetings with experienced chiropractors & special guests
Get set up for success from the start!
Leverage the wisdom of a sucessful chiropractor to create your practice!
On-going support as you plan & build your new practice!
Get help with all your practice set-up, marketing, and clinical questions!
Join us today and watch your dream practice become a reality!
Want to see more videos from Dr. Michelle?

Want to see more videos from Dr. Michelle?

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